I’m a mum of two children born in 2001 and 2004.
I work in Lyon and its suburbs.
Certified doula of the « Doulas de France » association.
Co-founder of the « Institut de formation Doulas de France » association.

Since 2001, the beginning of my first pregnancy, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to other mums-to-be, being there for them during their pregnancies, answering their questions, big or small, and supporting them when they needed it. I was just a presence.
A few weeks after my second pregnancy, I discovered the existence of doulas. This job was what I had been doing for several years without knowing it, as an « already mum » : listening to mums-to-be, guiding them, reassuring them, helping them to be confident, supporting them…
My son’s natural birth, very different from my daughter’s, gave me the desire to share my confidence in the ability of women to give birth to their children, and to be next to other women on the path of birth.
I’ve supported numerous women during their pregnancies and after the births of their babies, I’m present for them when they wish it, listening to them. I can be here for you, before and after the birth, simply to listen, to support, to accompany…

Yanick Revel doula birth companion in Lyon